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Biomedicine Industry     

Sino-US Cooperation, Well-known all over the world.

Shandong Yuwang Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd was founded in 1994,which is one branch of Yuwang Group, cooperates with Harvard University Medical College Bio-organic & Natural drug laboratory and America International Natural Inc.

GMP clean workshop, multiple authentications management

By investing more than RMB100 million funds, Sino-US Yuwang Pharmacy has set up the 100,000 grade GMP clean workshop with over 10,000 square meters. With multiple production lines for tablets, dropping pills, soft capsules, hard capsules, powder, etc. we possess the advanced testing equipment and highly qualified staffs. All the production processes are strictly supervised and controlled on quality, from material purchasing, manufacturing, packing to finished products delivery.
We have already passed the certificates of ISO 22000, ISO 9001, SAS 18001, HALAL, BRC, GMP, QS,EU permit.

The refined fish oil manufacturing base

Sino-US Yuwang Pharmacy which processes 20000 tons of crude fish oil and produces 10000 tons of refined fish oil, is the world's manufacturer of refined fish oil. We select the high-quality fish oil raw materials from Peru, adopt the advanced molecular distillation technology, test scientifically, check at each step, and refine the world's highest level of refined fish oil.
While being exported abroad, the finished fish oil also guarantees material supply of stringent standard’s fish oil preparation and products for Yuwang ourselves.

The world's fish oil health products manufacturer

With outstanding scientific research capacity, high production quality and good reputation of Yuwang staffs, Yuwang Pharmacy achieves the trust from many world-famous health enterprises and develops cooperation relationship with them.
Yuwang produces 6 billion pieces of softgel annually. The export amount of fish oil softgel is up to 2.0 billion pieces every year, it equals to 20 million bottles with foreign brands (100 pieces / bottle). Yuwang Pharmacy has been China’s  fish oil health product export enterprise to America and Europe.


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